vlag voor Nederlands

This site is the successor of the site created in 2007 by our youngest brother under the same name.
The rest of the text is below the pieces of the puzzle.
The rebuild became necessary because a lot of Adobe Flash was used when the message came that Flash was going to be discontinued by January 1st, 2021. Simple adaptations were impossible so a reconstruction took place, keeping the look of the original site as much as possible.
The pages concerning the factory of wooden jig-saw puzzles have more or less the same content as before but for two items that were moved from 'Miscellaneous' to a new page about our parents.

Originally there was a central puzzle (see picture on the right) where, using Flash, pieces came up forming the button to access the corresponding page in the site.
Without Flash that was not so easy so now we have just separate pieces on this page each forming a button to the corresponding page. If you can't get it like it should, it's got to be as it can.

Victor's own page needed some adaptations because of his death on November 4th, 2013 and because of the disappearance of Flash.
There are still parts for which a solution has to be found but some parts were permanently dropped. Among them an overview of the cars of Cinevideo and some connected matter that Victor had made specially for the company he worked for because it could not be found on their own site.

Also there are some adaptations for technical reasons:
  • On the top of most pages there is on the left side a green arrow (START) that will bring you back to this page;
  • On some pages you will find to the right of a green arrow also a blue arrow to bring you back to the previous page;
  • On many pages a blue arrow is revolving in the bottom right of the window. This will bring you back to the top of the current page;
  • Also on many pages you will find one line or more with buttons. These will bring you to a chapter on the same page. These lines will remain at the bottom of the window;
  • On the pages concerning Kolibri (the factory) there are two different lines with buttons. The upper, white, one will bring you to another page, the other, grey, line or lines, to a chapter on the same page;
  • The central piece of the original puzzle brought you to a photo album. That had already ceased to exist and is now replaced by a piece that brings you to a separate page about our parents;
  • Some articles about our parents were moved from 'Miscellaneous' to the new page. On this page we also added some other information;
  • The pages of the brothers and sisters are not all in use. We hope to fill those (if material is delivered) in the near future.

The maintenance of Klausenzo was laid in the hands of frans, the only of the remaining six with some experience with this matter.
A 'small' problem with that was that it gave some trouble to get hold of the necessary data for logging into the system. A bigger problem was that most of the original files used to construct the site could no longer be found. Finally they were retrieved by copying them one by one from the website back to the hard disc of the pc.
In case you should wish to get in touch with one of us or send a message concerning the site you can send an e-mail to
the administrator of the site. A friendly request to you: do not to abuse this possibility to send advertisements and other nonsense. Because if that will happen I will have to remove this address to the detriment of people with a real question or remark.